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School Uniform Guide

Agape Christian School

2017-2018 Uniform Schedule

Uniforms are required for grades Kinder-6th Grade
Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday
New Red Polo with New Logo from Duratex
Navy Blue Uniform Skirt, Skorts, Shorts, Pants (from any store)
New White Polo with New logo from Duratex
Navy Blue Uniform Skirt, Skorts, Shorts, or Pants (from any store)
Agape Spirit Shirt & Jeans
▪White, Navy, or black socks.
▪White, black, navy blue, and neutral colored shoes/tennis shoes
are highly encouraged and recommended.
▪Girls may wear white or navy blue tights/leggings under skirts.
▪All jackets should be Agape logoed uniform jackets/sweater from Duratex.
▪All skirts/skorts/shorts should be no more than 2 inches above the knee.
▪Although we are encouraging our parents to purchase the new polo
shirts, jackets, and sweaters, last year’s red/white polo shirts
and jackets with the old Agape Logo can still be worn
this year as we transition into the new polos.
▪New Polos and Jackets ordered will have our new logo.
Polo Shirt & Jacket Ordering Details
The Polo Shirts and Jackets are to be ordered from Duratex Apparel in Pharr, Texas.
You will be required to go into Duratex and place your own order.
Duratex Apparel
508 W. Expressway 83, Suite 10, Pharr, TX 78577
M – F 8am – 6pm & Sat. 12pm – 2pm
They have a few shirts in stock so that your children can try on the
different sizes and make a more precise size selection.
Production time on Polo Shirts is 2 – 3 weeks.
So please order your polo shirts and jackets as soon
as possible to ensure they are ready by the first day of school.
Polo Shirt : $15.50+ tax
Jacket : $25+ tax
Hooded Jackets: $30 + tax
Cardigan Sweater: $30 + tax